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Examples: What gain board member-professionals generate

Limited Companies

  • Creation of a new distribution channel
  • Acquisition of new customers through personal relationships
  • Access to alternative funds
  • Company evolution towards new know-how
  • Strategic Shift: Abandonment of a business segment and strengthening of the core business
  • Contribution to cost cuts by naming advantageous suppliers without quality loss
  • Objectification of a discussion between emotionally involved participants
  • Only and real sparring partner against a CEO, who is also majority shareholder
  • Access to international funding and world bank funds
  • Company involvement: real job fulfilment with quality gain, information gain, transparency and leadership development instead of monolithic structures and “compulsory protocols”
  • Towards persistent scrutiny: unveiling of dubious practices
  • Instead of “sweeping under the carpet”: transparency and consequences
  • Instead of non-action and cover-ups: closure and legal action including compensation
  • Internal restitution through constant insistence


Family Businesses

  • Mediation and reconciliation of interests between estranged partners and family clans
  • Arbitration and peaceful solutions in the conflict of the generations
  • Preservation from bad mistakes with losses in the millions
  • Avoiding maldevelopments through applied know-how.
  • Customer acquisition through good contacts
  • Instead of being just an other subcontractor; cooperation and win-win



  • Qualitative substantial debates and development instead of just nodding
  • Substantial growth through know-how and know-who
  • Instead of value stagnation or even loss: Securing and increase through new investment strategies with short term dispositions


Public Sector

  • Managerial accounting and controlling instead of simple cameralistic revenue and cost evaluation
  • Know-how gain through bringing in knowledge from the private sector
  • A turn away from annual budgets to the benefit of a middle and long term strategy

Private Equity

  • Balance between short term - solely revenue focused – private equity interests and long term goals of the family business
  • Instead of disbanding and asset stripping, strengthening of core competences and a moderate long-term business growth
  • Prevention of an initially planned but now untimely exit to the gain of the company and therefore all associates