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Requirement Profile – Is your Board of Directors “colourful”?
Diversity – Age, Gender, Know-how...


These qualifications should be present in the board of directors as a body, should it, in its entirety act as a well-balanced team and represent the whole spectrum of the knowledge required for the company to do well.

Despite the sector, size and internationality of the company to be supervised, certain expertise and professional knowledge is required. Simple basic knowledge is not sufficient


  • Finance expert (mandatory), particularly the ability to read and understand balance sheets
  • Management experience and expertise
  • Business administration
  • Juridical expertise
  • Human resources
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Very professional knowledge of the company, his/her area of expertise, competitors, markets, customers and stakeholders etc.
  • Communication
  • Depending on the operation field know-how of technology, production, logistics or services etc. resp. competences in the field of operations.
  • Internationality: if your company operates internationally, your Board of Directors should reflect this

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is also challenged to deal with the public and the press. This goes beyond the moderation of the general assembly. Most of all in big, quoted companies, a growing emphasis is given to representative skills, independent of the first response duty of the CEO.