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Do's in the board of directors

  • Selection with compensation system, bonus; procuration issue
  • Selection and appointment of an auditor
  • Approval of budgets, annual reports, mid-term planning, strategies, financing, investments, acquisitions, splittings, company foundations, organisation and structures
  • Coordination of fundamental questions of business policy
  • Constructive-minded sceptical questioning of the company and business reports
  • Induction of special reports to the CEO for all major events as well as for special circumstances which are of critical importance to the liquidity and profitability of the company (the BM right to ask questions, the duty of the CEO to reply)
  • Supervision of the internal controlling systems / ICS (organisation plan, unity of all general internal guidelines, procedures and counter measures; compliance to the main guidelines of business policy; reliability and legitimacy of accounting, secure and enhance the efficiency of business procedures, secure values and information)
  • Supervision of the corporate governance / compliance
  • Supervision of risk management (risk profile, risk evaluation, proper capital strategy, funding, capital needs)
  • Internal auditing


  • Supervision
  • Listening
  • Pointing out / predict
  • Support
  • Questioning
  • Understand the concerns of trade unions
  • Confidentiality
  • Continuous self-development as a board member