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  • Specialised in the search for board member professionals
  • Part of the Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger Group
  • Embedded in the globally active InterSearch Group

BOARD SEARCH as an owner-operated Austrian service company is specialised in the search for board members in the German-speaking world.

Incorporated in the Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger Group with 22 offices in 15 countries in East- and South Europe as well as in Asia, Board Search has a first class network which offers splendid possibilities through the globally active InterSearch Group with more than 100 offices Top 3 worldwide.

Your Advantages

The Supervisory Board, a driving force for a prosperous enterprise development, guarantees future-oriented thinking and action.

Board Search understands itself as a bridge in the understanding of old fashioned boards / honorary functions and a new generation of board members who are mostly

  • independent (free of conflicts of interest)
  • qualified as well as
  • best suited to you


Significantly increased requirements and stricter liabilities require a high qualification in professional and personal terms. Experience has shown that in practice a particular significance is attached to soft skills.

Board member search: “Fair weather decision” for the “Rainy Days”

The consideration of a crisis is crucial while looking for fitting and independent board members. Similar to mountaineering, it is important to also prepare for the “bad weather case”.

Female Board Members

In gender-mixed boards, women and men can achieve better decisions, such teams increase the economic success of enterprises and lower the risks.